Benefits of CBD oils

But first of all, what is CBD?

The CBD (of its other name cannabidiol) is a molecule extracted from the Hemp with many virtues and without any toxic, psychotropic or addictive effect. It promotes adaptation and stimulates beneficial changes by regulating the endocannabinoid system of our body. The cellular receptors of this system are found throughout the body, allowing neuroprotection, recovery from stress, immune balance, and adaptation of the body to external stresses. CBD acts by catalysis (it accelerates the regulatory function) by interacting notably with systems involved in the transmission of pain. Thanks to its affinity with serotonin and endorphin, it helps you to apprehend more serenely the stressful situations.

And if relaxing became a committed act?

The brand is convinced of the importance of sourcing, its oils are manufactured in France. A short and controlled circuit, for marvels of efficiency that nourish the skin and free the mind. The brand offers premium CBD oils, 100% natural, French and vegan, which take care of your well-being. This project was thought and realized by 3 women who advocate the values of transparency, naturalness and effectiveness.

The 3 formulas developed by the brand, reduce stress, anxiety, provide a restful sleep, reduce chronic pain and also improve recovery and sports performance. These products are active thanks to the benefits of oils combined with CBD, while being committed to a minimal impact on our planet.


The benefits of CBD are the same for the 3 oils. Thus, they are all effective on anxiety, stress, sleep etc. …

The difference is first of all their flavor, but especially their singular combination which associates CBD with the virtues of each oil in order to promote a particular effect in each product.

Choose PURE 100% Hemp oil. Hemp oil promotes cardiovascular balance, and the fact that it is associated with CBD anti-inflammatory ally, reduces your pain to optimize your performance and your recovery. This oil is also an excellent moisturizer, the contribution of omega-3, 6 and 9 participates in a good elasticity of the epidermis and visibly reduces acne. The rich vitamin E content is also an excellent anti-aging remedy.

Stressed about having to combine work, children and home?

Choose REVEIL. With its sweet hazelnut taste, it contributes to the well-being of the alarm clock and your day. In addition to its effects to relax you quickly, or to fight against the pains like those of the rules, it takes part in the cicatrization. Indeed, the hazelnut oil contains phospholipids, vitamin A and E as well as calcium which will contribute to the protection, cutaneous repair, as well as with in-depth hydration.

A useful treat for your sleep?

Choose DREAM. This one contains CBD as well as plum oil infused with verbena and lemon balm which act in symbiosis to promote your most beautiful dreams. The plum oil is very rich in oleic acid which reinforces the hydrolipidic film of your skin and makes it possible to fight against pollution and the external aggressions. Find the best cbd products uk by clicking here.

TWO IN ONE, they are to be tasted or applied on the skin:

– For a quick effect and need, you can take CBD sublingually. For a preventive or progressive need you can ingest CBD in your daily recipes, smoothies, shaker, dairy products, salad dressings…

– For skin and inflammatory problems you can use the oils directly on your skin or diluted in your daily creams or in your massage oils.